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Guide to Reduce the Screen Time of Your Toddler by best pediatrician in Ahmedabad

You don’t want your child to spend too much time watching screens, even though they may keep them occupied with limitless screen time. That said, in today’s screen-filled environment, it’s not always simple to place limitations on kids’ access to TV and video games. Here are some tips for parents to utilize when determining how much screen time is appropriate for their children guide by best pediatrician in Ahmedabad.

Establish “Technology-Free Zones”

Make certain sections of your house off-limits to technology, such as laptops, handheld video games, and cell phones. One example is the dining area or kitchen in your home, which you may reserve for meals and conversations with family members.

Set Aside Time to Disconnect

All members of your family should set aside time to turn off their gadgets. Two instances would be during dinnertime or an hour before bedtime. Your family will have the chance to spend meaningful, cherished time together when everyone agrees to put down their gadgets.

Use Child Safety Measures

You may use methods to prevent your children from viewing graphic material on TV and the Internet. You can set up parental controls on the majority of routers, web browsers, and TVs to filter or prevent objectionable content.

There are also built-in options or programmes you can download that let you build content filters if your kids have cell phones. Additionally, many of them let you block particular websites, web searches, or even terms.

Ask Your Kids for their Passwords

You might want to think about requesting the passwords to your children’s social media and online accounts. Children are sometimes incapable of handling interactions online and are therefore susceptible to cyberbullying.

The decision will need to be discussed as a family, but ultimately it will be up to you as the parent to decide how to best safeguard your child while still giving them some privacy and autonomy.

Promote Additional Activities

It’s simple for youngsters to get dependent on technology for enjoyment because of the abundance of applications, games, devices, and material. Encourage your youngster to look for and participate in non-screen-related activities. A few suggestions include playing outside, reading a book, or even finding an old board game.

Establishing (and enforcing) a household routine that everyone adheres to might also be helpful. It will help to explain your expectations and can assist to avoid fights if you make it obvious to your children when they can use screens and when they cannot. this all guide ans step by best pediatrician in Ahmedabad

Dr. Khanjan Shah

Dr. Khanjan Shah

Dr. Khanjan Shah, M.D. in Pediatrics with a Fellowship in Pediatric Critical Care, is the author of this article. He ensures that all information provided from Sneh Children Hospital is backed by thorough research conducted by himself and other specialists, guaranteeing authenticity and reliability.