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Know-How Parental Care Ensures Better Brain Development Of A Preterm Baby

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A delivery that occurs more than three weeks before the baby’s anticipated due date is considered preterm. In other words, a preterm birth is one that occurs before the start of the official 37th week of pregnancy. Babies that are born prematurely, especially those who are extremely early, frequently have complex medical issues. Prematurity-related problems often differ. However, the danger of difficulties increases with the time of birth for your kid. Developmental outcomes for preterm babies are influenced by biological and environmental risk factors. 

The parents’ capacity to cope with the trauma of a preterm delivery is one of the environmental determinants, along with the length of parental separation, the exposure to early mother/father-infant interactions, and others. The father’s capacity to participate actively in the care of the baby from the beginning is crucial in cases of preterm delivery. The newborn’s health, the growth of mutual regulation, the development of a healthy parent-infant affective relationship, and the parents’ confidence in their ability to care for their child may all depend on how emotionally close the parents are to the preterm infant being cared for in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

In addition, under development of the brain is one of the major concerns among the many other health concerns that arose due to preterm. There are several treatments available to resolve brain development concerns occurring due to preterm. While, the best pediatric doctor in Ahmedabad suggests that parental support & their intensive care may help in alleviating brain development concerns. Thereby leading to a better health of your toddler. In this article, we’ll discuss some common tips & tricks in accordance with the behavior and emotional connection between you and your toddler that will lead to improved brain development of your prematurely born infant.

Points For Parents To Consider

There are several behavioral changes and emotional connections that you may develop with your prematurely born infant which may lead to better brain development. You have to be very careful while making connections and proceeding with any activity in front of your child. As children are always sensitive, your every action matters. Here’s what you should consider:

  1. Stay Positive

The first and foremost lesson for better brain development of your preterm child is staying positive. Never get demotivated or frustrated with your child’s behavior whether they’re listening to you or not, whether they’re following your steps or not, whether they are responding to you or not, always stay positive!

The procedure is not instantaneous; it’s time taking. Thereby, staying calm and having a positive mindset that one day your child will be fine is most required. Sneh Children Hospital is the best pediatric hospital in Ahmedabad that not only helps your toddler with their development but also consults parents on how to stay calm and positive.

  1. Get Yourself Involved In Your Child Games

It’s crucial for your child to have good company while playing, for better brain development. Since, newborn children stay within the four corners of the wall it’s not possible to find similar company for them. Thus, you’re the only one left to accompany your child. Especially when they’re playing games.

It’s your duty to get yourself involved in their games and make them feel comfortable. The more joyous and happy your child will be, the more will be your infant’s development. A study says, early emotional experiences physically get ingrained in a child’s brain architecture as they grow and develop. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain a happy and refreshing environment during the brain development stage of your child.

  1. Never Turn Angry

Your infant is noting each and every action of yours and most probably they’ll follow the same. In case you show anger or annoyance in front of your infant then it will directly impact its development and behavior. In addition, a top pediatrician in Ahmedabad says that the cool and calm nature of parents makes their child alike, while showing anger and annoyance may lead to lost temper. Sometimes, it could even get worse.

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  1. Develop Good Learning Skills

Do you stay on your phone most of the time? If yes, then now’s the time to turn your habit and develop good learning skills by reading dozens of books and making your child hear them out loud. Ultimately, your child is going to follow the actions you do! Thus, if you’ve been using a phone they’ll also seek to use the phone while you’ve been reading books they’ll do the same and vice versa.

  1. Go For Aptitude & Logic-Based Games

Playing aptitude and logic based games like chess, puzzles, fixing shapes, crossword, mirror image, etc. assists in developing numerous skills including problem solving, critical thinking, and much more that fastracks the procedure of brain development of your child. It also ensures healthy and skillful development of your preterm baby.

To know more about the brain development of your preterm baby, contact Sneh Children Hospital right away.