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Developmental Delay: Causes, Signs, and Solutions

Every child reaches their development milestone at their own pace. It is also possible that two siblings belonging to the same family reach their milestones at different times. A temporary delay is understandable. It is not a sign of warning. But multiple delays or ongoing delay is the alarm.

Early motor delay or physical development delays are the terms that describe when babies are not reaching the physical and cognitive milestones at a specific age of life. In other words, a delay in developing various skills such as thinking, motor skill, language skill, and social is considered a developmental delay.

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The reason for development delay could be heredity, premature birth, and complications during pregnancy. In some cases, it is difficult to know the cause of this. If you suspect your baby has any of these developmental delays, speak with the best pediatrician in Ahmedabad.  

Cause of Development Delay:

  • Premature birth
  • Genetic conditions like muscular dystrophy or down syndrome
  • Alcohol or drug consumption during pregnancy
  • Some very serious infection
  • Lack of oxygen during pregnancy

Symptoms of Developmental Delay

  • Learning more slowly compared to the other children
  • Facing difficulties in communication or socializing
  • Facing difficulties to remember things
  • Facing problems in routine activities

What to do next if you suspect any of these signs?

If you find any developmental delay concern, you should take a consultation as soon as possible from the best pediatrician in Ahmedabad so your child can get treatment earlier and achieve the best possible progress. A pediatrician observes your child and talks with you. They may also use development screening which involves a series of questions in the office. This will help them to identify your baby may be at risk of developmental delay. If pediatricians find something abnormal, they refer you to visit a specialist.     

Therapies for Development Delays

Instant diagnosis with any symptoms of development delay should be treated as soon as possible so that you can prevent getting condition from worsening over time. Some doctors also recommend occupational therapy to address fine motor skills and self-help issues. Speech and language therapies are offered to address language speaking and understanding skill. To address the issue of behavioral difficulties, behavioral therapy is offered. Special education is also provided to stimulate play skills.  


Many genetic and environmental factors are responsible for a child’s developmental delay. Even women having healthy pregnancies could have a baby with developmental delay. Although it is hard to point out the reason behind it, there are many supports and treatments available. The sooner you visit the best pediatric in Ahmedabad, the better it will be diagnosed and treated it.     

Dr. Khanjan Shah

Dr. Khanjan Shah

Dr. Khanjan Shah, M.D. in Pediatrics with a Fellowship in Pediatric Critical Care, is the author of this article. He ensures that all information provided from Sneh Children Hospital is backed by thorough research conducted by himself and other specialists, guaranteeing authenticity and reliability.