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Common Infant Health Concerns – What to Look for in Your Baby

The arrival of a baby and being a parent is along with an incredibly rewarding a challenging experience also. Because not all babies are free from medical concerns. Some babies face health complications or illnesses that can be incredibly difficult to manage for parents. Fortunately, a pediatric hospital in Ahmedabad is equipped with the latest technology and facilities to help families navigate these issues and ensure that their baby gets the care they need. In this article, we will discuss some common pediatric medical conditions that can affect infants and the available treatment.

Cold and Flu:

Babis are more susceptible to viral infections than adults due to underdeveloped immune systems. Their immature immune system does not have the capability to fight off infection as effectively as adults. To keep the little one protected from it, it is important for parents to vaccinate their babies and use over-the-counter medicines when require to relieve fever and pain. 


Babies often suffer from colic which is characterized by periods of intense crying that last for at least three hours per day and can happen more than three times a week. The exact cause of colic is unknown but it may be due to food intolerances or indigestion. To help alleviate the problem, talk to the child specialist in Ahmedabad who may suggest some soothing techniques and other certain interventions like changing the diet, gentle back pats, or providing a relaxed feeding environment by lying down with your baby during a crying episode. 

Ear Infections:

An ear infection is a very common problem found in children. Pediatricians recommend regular ear checkups after a certain interval of time. These infections typically manifest as fever, redness, drainage from one or both ears, and other symptoms depending on the type of infection. Fortunately, pediatric doctors in Ahmedabad may prescribe antibiotics depending on how severe the infection is and also provide timely advice and helpful tips to prevent this type of issue in the future. 

Diaper Rash:

Diaper rash occurs when the baby’s diaper staying contact with urine and/or stool for a long period of time. Babies’ sensitive skin is prone to diaper rash. Lack of air circulation around the diaper area, irritation caused by certain types of diapers and wipes, or food allergies can cause diaper rash. The best pediatrician in Ahmedabad is able to advise the best way to treat the condition and provide medication like zinc oxide ointment. 

Take Away:

To ensure that your baby is healthy and well care is taken, you should get a consultation from the top pediatrician in Ahmedabad who is able to provide more informed advice on how to keep your little one safe and comfortable. Sneh children hospital offers expert pediatric care for newborns and children and provides assistance for new parents – so reach out today to get the answer you need for your baby’s health.

Dr. Khanjan Shah

Dr. Khanjan Shah

Dr. Khanjan Shah, M.D. in Pediatrics with a Fellowship in Pediatric Critical Care, is the author of this article. He ensures that all information provided from Sneh Children Hospital is backed by thorough research conducted by himself and other specialists, guaranteeing authenticity and reliability.