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5 Ways To Increase Your Baby's Cognitive Ability

5 Ways To Increase Your Baby’s Cognitive Ability

From birth to the age of three, a child’s brain grows quickly. Many aspects of a child’s growth are influenced by brain development. Language and communication, social and emotional, motor (physical), and cognitive development are the four domains of development. Further, the best pediatric doctor in Ahmedabad says, “The early stages of your newborn is where their cognitive ability develops”.

Cognitive development includes the development of the brain. It has to do with a child’s intellectual development, which includes their capacity for learning and for problem-solving. And all other areas of development are impacted by these abilities. If you don’t notice any increase then soon you may connect with the best pediatric doctor in Ahmedabad.

For learning and development, the first three years of a child’s growth are crucial. Most of the time, parents are unsure of how to aid in their child’s brain growth. Here are some tried-and-true methods for increasing brain function while actively involving your child in daily tasks. However, the best pediatric doctor in Ahmedabad will also suggest the following.

Here are some pointers to promote your child’s brain development:

  1. Maintain your health: Because your child’s brain starts to grow before birth. Make sure to get the vital vitamins and nutrients you need to support a baby’s brain development. Zinc-rich foods are beneficial for a child’s brain development.

Avoid using drugs, smoking, and drinking alcohol while you are pregnant to protect the growth of your unborn kid. To maintain your health stay in touch with the specialists.

  1. Encourage the child’s love of reading: By purchasing books with big print and vivid illustrations. As you read the books to your child, explain the images to them and use actions to indicate what they are, such as making sounds or waving your hands.

Read short stories to your child to instill a love of reading. It will assist you in developing the child’s receptive language as well as a strong emotional connection. Also, the best pediatric doctor in Ahmedabad suggests reading books for better cognitive development. As you read books to your baby, lower and soften your voice.

  1. Purchase intriguing toys: Choose toys that will encourage your child to explore and engage with the environment. Playthings like wind-up jack-in-the-boxes and stacking blocks will keep their minds and senses active and help children develop. You may even consider buying toys that indulge critical thinking. Some of the best examples are Rubik’s Cube, puzzle games, blocks, shape-filling toys, et cetera.

Also, consider buying some physical toys. Mental health has a direct connection with physical health. The better the physical health the better will be the development of mental health. Hence, the best pediatric doctor in Ahmedabad shares to consider both types of exercise for the better overall development of your toddler.

  1. Talk to your infant while using sign language: Use sign language to help you communicate with your infant while you are speaking. When you speak with a youngster using your fingers or hands, the child’s linguistic and intellectual development is enhanced.

The best pediatric doctor in Ahmedabad shares teaching your infant sign language has a positive impact on both their IQ and language development. This will even assist your toddler in developing good presentation skills. Thus, making them more understandable and well-presenter so that others can understand them too.

  1. Your child should be breastfed: There is evidence that infants who are breastfed typically have higher IQs than infants who are fed formula. Breastfed is a proper diet that a toddler can ever have. As discussed earlier, physical health is equally important to develop mental health. No physical health means no mental health. Hence, the top pediatric doctor in Ahmedabad only recommends breastfeeding.

Bottom Line

There is no denying that all parents desire to offer their kids the finest possible upbringing. For parents who can incorporate these activities into their daily lives, we hope this was useful. Visit Sneh Children Hospital, we have the best pediatric doctor in Ahmedabad who will assist you and your toddler in every growing stage of their life. Further, we ensure the overall development of your child from cognitive ability to physical ability and much more. Get in touch with us right away to explore more about child development.

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