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Top 5 Facts You Should Know About Your Toddler

A baby may change your life forever! As a soon-to-be mother, you may begin to ponder about the appearance and care of your infant, but what will life be like once you bring your child home? There’s a lot more to experience about your toddler before finally moving. The best pediatrician in Ahmedabad will surely share the following.

Here are 5 things you should be aware of about the first three months with the toddler to better prepare yourself.

1. First poo of your toddler will surprise you: The quantity of waste your infant may produce will surprise you as a new parent. Your newborn baby’s first poop will astonish you. Your infant will spit up and defecate a lot in the first few weeks, so you will need to change their diapers or nappies every time you give them a meal. In order to prevent rashes when cleaning up, use a ball of cotton soaked in water and petroleum jelly. The best pediatrician doctor in Ahmedabad shares that if you notice irregularities in the poo pattern then you shall immediately consult pediatrics.

2. Your newborn’s stomach is never completely full: Your newborn’s stomach is tiny at birth. Your infant has a cherry-sized stomach. At one moment, it can store 5 to 10 ml of milk. By the time they are a few weeks old, this progressively develops to be able to hold 30ml of milk. Similar volumes of milk are also produced by new moms to meet the demands of the infant. The best pediatrician in Ahmedabad also shares the minimum stomach capacity in accordance with the age of your toddler.

3. Newborns don’t have a regular sleep schedule: Newborns sleep a lot and wake up frequently. They don’t have a set sleeping schedule, yet with time they begin to develop a pattern. It might be difficult to tell whether a newborn is sleeping since they can’t fully close their eyelids. They could sleep all day and be up all night, or the other way around. 

If being a parent, you’re looking to create a sleep pattern for your toddler. Then check out our article Best Pediatrician In Ahmedabad Shares Tips On Newborn Sleep Patterns.

Also, if you face difficulties or feel anything unusual regarding your toddler’s sleep pattern. You shall get in touch with the best pediatrician in Ahmedabad. Although, creating a regular sleep schedule is a hectic task but you can do it with the help of a specialist. The better the sleep schedule of your toddler, the better you can plan for his/her development.

4. Your infant will cry a lot: Crying is the only method a newborn can connect with you. At first, all of these things may seem overwhelming, but with time, you will be able to determine how to react and why your baby cries. Babies typically scream when they are hungry, uncomfortable, irritated, or when their nappy needs to be changed. You shall consult the best pediatrician in Ahmedabad to gain knowledge regarding your crying toddler. Usually, toddlers cry in different ways for different needs. You may easily distinguish the sound and intensity of the cry. As soon as you start distinguishing you can understand your toddler better and deliver exactly what they’re looking for!

5. A newborn’s skin peels off: This is a normal postpartum occurrence, so don’t be alarmed if you notice it happening to your baby. Your child’s skin may start to peel off after spending nine months in the womb protected by amniotic fluid because it does not exfoliate like the skin of adults and is overly sensitive to dry air. Baby moisturizer can help keep your child’s skin smooth.

Every new parent might use some assistance, and as your child develops and grows, there are many things you will learn about them. So instead of worrying and feeling stressed, take time to appreciate your new motherhood or parenting stage. There are several articles available to read that will add to your wisdom. Visit Sneh Children Hospital having a crew of the best pediatrician in Ahmedabad and an infant care facility in Ahmedabad. You may contact us or make an online appointment, right away!

Dr. Khanjan Shah

Dr. Khanjan Shah

Dr. Khanjan Shah, M.D. in Pediatrics with a Fellowship in Pediatric Critical Care, is the author of this article. He ensures that all information provided from Sneh Children Hospital is backed by thorough research conducted by himself and other specialists, guaranteeing authenticity and reliability.