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Tips to Protect And Care Baby From Injury With The Best Pediatrician in Ahmedabad

Between 2 to 4 years old, children’s are growing and developing so quickly, often parents and caregivers may not be aware of their little champs capabilities. Before you realize it, your child will be jumping, running, riding a bicycle, and handling tools. At this stage, children are not aware of dangers and may not remember “no” while playing and exploring. They are at special risk to injuries from falls, drowning, poisoning, burns, and car accidents. Accidents can occur both at home and out in the world. It is important to supervise your child closely to prevent them from being out of danger. This is also a situation when you need a “child-proof” home. Here in this article, we will explore some tips, information and resources that help you to keep you little one safe.

Common Injuries and ways to Protect Them – best Pediatrician in Ahmedabad:

Protecting your toddlers from injuries can require a multifaceted approach that includes creating a safe environment , closely supervising them, and teaching them about safety as they grow. Parenting with the best pediatrician in ahmedabad can also ensure that you have professional guidance tailored to your child’s specific health and developmental needs. Here are some tips to protect and care for your child from injuries, along with insights on how it works effectively.


Because your child’s abilities are rapidly expanding, they will find an endless variety of dangerous situations at home and in the neighbourhood. Your child might fall off play equipment, out of windows, down stairs, or off a bike or tricycle as well as from anything they can climb on. Ensure that the surface under the play equipment is soft enough to absorb a fall. Use safety-tested mats or loose fill materials like shredded rubber, sand, woodchips, or bark that are at least 9 inches deep beneath play equipment. Extend the proactive surface of at least 6 inches for swings and slides in all directions from the equipment.

Secure doors to any hazardous areas. Use gate on the stairways, and install operable windows guards above the first floor. Enclose the playgrounds with a fence. If your child experiences a serious fall or does not act normally, consult with the best pediatrician in ahmedabad

Firearm Hazards:

Children in homes where guns are present are more at risk of being shot by themselves, their friends, or family members than of being injured by an intruder. The safest option is to keep all guns out of the home. If you choose to keep a gun at home, then keep it unloaded or locked away, with ammunition secured in a separate locked location. Handguns are particularly dangerous. Inquire about the homes your child visits or is cared for have guns and how they are stored.


The kitchen is a dangerous place for your child, especially when you are cooking. If your child is underfoot, hot liquids, grease, and hot foods can spill on them and can cause serious burns. Ensure your child has a safe activity while you cook. Remember that kitchen appliances and other hot surfaces such as iron, oceans, wall heaters and outdoor grills can burn your child long after they have been used. If your child does get burned, immediately apply cold water to the burned area. Keep the burned area in cold water for a few minutes to cool it off. Then cover the burned areas loosely with a dry bandage or clean cloth. If your child experiences something more serious then consult with a top pediatrician in Ahmedabad.

To protect your child from tap water scalds, ensure the hottest temperature at the faucet should be no more than 120* F. In many cases, you can adjust your heater to achieve this. Make sure you have a working smoke alarm on every level of your home, especially on furnaces and sleeping areas. It is advisable to test the alarm every month. It is best to use smoke alarms with long life batteries, but if you do not, change the batteries at least once a year.


Your child’s curiosity may lead them to open the drawer and climb to places you might not expect. Your child may swallow anything they find. To prevent accidents, use only necessary household products and medicines  and keep them safely capped, out of side, and out of reach. Keep all products in their original containers. Use medications as directed and dispose of unused medicine as soon as no longer need it. If your child does put poison in his/her mouth, then consult the best pediatrician in ahmedabad.

Car or traffic related crashes: 

Car crashes are the greatest danger to your child ‘s life and health.The crushing forces to your child’s brain and body in a collision or sudden stop can lead to injuries or death. To prevent these injuries, it is important to use a car safety seat correctly every time you are in the car.It is safest for children to ride rear-facing as long as possible, until they reach the highest height and weight allowed by the manufacturer. Many convertible seats have limits that will permit children rear-facing for 2 years or more. Once they outgrow rear-facing, children should ride forward-facing in a car safety seat with a harness. Many of these seats can be used for children up to 30 kgs and more, providing the best possible protection.

The safest place for all children to ride is in the back seat. In an emergency, if a child must ride in the front seat, move the seat back as far as possible, away from the airbag. Do not allow your child to play or ride the bicycle on the street. Driveways are also dangerous. Walk behind your car before you back out of your driveway to be sure your child is not behind your car. You may not see your child through the rear-view mirror. In case of any serious condition in car crashes consult with the best pediatrician in ahmedabad.

Additional Consideration:

–  Keep emergency numbers, including top peditrician in ahmedabad’s contact details, easily accessible.

– Acquire a basic first aid kit and know yourself the basic first aid procedures for common injuries.

– Consider taking a pediatric first aid course to boost your confidence and prepare yourself for emergencies.

By creating a safe environment,closely supervising your little one, teaching them on safety practices, and maintaining a strong partnership with the best pediatrician in ahmedabad, you can significantly reduce the risk of injuries and ensure your toddlers grow up healthy and protected.


Safeguarding toddlers from injuries is a multifaceted responsibility that extends beyond more attention. It encloses the creation of secure living space, implementations of prevention measures against common hazardous, and education of both children and adults about safety practices. Ensure that necessary tools available at your home in an emergency, such as basic first aid kit, emergency contact number, plays an important role in reducing risks. Moreover, collaborative relationships with the best pediatrician in ahmedabad ensure tailored advice and support to your child’s developmental needs. By following the above guidelines and tips to prevent the injuries, parents and caregivers can significantly reduce the risk and threaten the toddler’s well-being, paving the way to safe and healthy childhood.