Sneh Children Hospital

Our Team

Dr. Khanjan Shah

M.D.Pediatrics / Fellowship in Pediatric Critical Care

Dr.Khanjan has experience of  more than 9 years in Pediatric critical care and has special interest in managing kids with Respiratory, Neurological, Oncological emergencies and Infection related emergencies.

Experience and expertise in all procedures related to Pediatric Critical care

Besides this professional expertise Dr.Khanjan possesses a passion for teaching. He has also acted in PALS videos which are used across the nation.

Dr. Savan Patel

DCH Pediatrics/ Fellowship in Neonatal and Pediatric Critical Care.

Dr. Savan Patel has special interest in point of care USG ,functional Echo and Pediatric ventilation.

Experience and expertise in managing neonatal as well as pediatric emergencies.

Besides this professional expertise Dr.Savan possesses passion for teaching nurses and Junior doctors and has very caring nature.

Dr. Dhaval Gandhi

M.D. Pediatrics  / Fellowship in Neonatal Intensive Care

Dr.Dhaval Gandhi has special interest in managing premature babies , and transport of sick newborn.

Experience and expertise in  managing all kinds of neonatal emergencies with utmost care as required by neonates.

Besides this professional expertise Dr.Dhaval possesses pleasant and caring personality and sound knowledge about infection control practices.