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Facilities At Sneh Children Hospital

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In House Pharmacy

Facilities At Sneh Children Hospital​ – We have In-house specialty pharmacy which allow hospital to increase speed-to-therapy and improve clinical coordination for better care. As a growing number of health systems participate in risk-based contracts, having an in-house specialty pharmacy enhances a hospital’s ability to deliver a consistent, high-quality patient experience and continuity of care that leads to better outcomes.

In House Laboratory

Facilities At Sneh Children Hospital – We have In-house Laboratory which allows the hospital to increase speed-to-therapy by instant laboratory tests. It also helps doctors to diagnose medical conditions, plan or evaluate treatments, and monitor diseases.

Facilities - Sneh Children Hospital
Facilities - X-Ray Scan

In House Xray

Facilities At Sneh Children Hospital​ – We have in House Xray services for  patients convinces. An X-ray is a fast, painless check that produces pictures of the constructions inside your physique, significantly your bones. Beams of X-rays are produced by a machine that passes by the physique and relying upon the density of varied physique elements, they’re absorbed. Bone, metallic and many others. that are dense are seen on X-rays. The air within the lungs and physique seems black.

In House Echo

Being the best Child Specialist In Ahmedabad we use an Echocardiogram to test patients heart, by using sound waves to create image of the heart. A Doppler test is use for sound waves to measure the speed and route of the blood flow.
By combining these test, a Pediatric Cardiologist will get helpful details about the heart anatomy and function. Echocardiography is the commonest test utilized in childrens to diagnose or rule out congenital heart disases and likewise to comply with children who’ve already been diagnosed with a heart illness. This test may be carried out on children of all ages.

Facilities - Sneh Children Hospital
Facilities - Ultrasound

In House Sonography

Sneh Children’s Hospital have in House Sonography machine for better patient care. 

Sonography is a painless medical process that makes use of high-frequency sound waves to provide visible pictures of organs, tissues, or bloodstream contained in the physique

In House ABG

Facilities At Sneh Children Hospital – We also have In house  An arterial blood gas (ABG) that  helps to measures oxygen and carbon dioxide ranges in your blood.

The check provides your doctor with clues about how effectively your lungs, heart, and Kidney are working.

Facilities - Sneh Children Hospital