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What should I do to utilize lockdown time effectively.

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What Should I Do To Utilize Lockdown Time Effectively.

As many of the elective hospital visits have been reduced to a minimum, like vaccinations, routine check-ups, etc there is ample time left for us doctors to spend. Also footfalls because of emergencies have reduced too, so in spare time what doctors can do?

Many of us are spending time with our families and exploring our past time hobbies but we should also utilize this time effectively which can help us in our profession later, once Lockdown is over. Here are 7 things which we at SNEH hospital doing. These ideas might sound simple but trust me they are very effective and easy to implement. The only thing required is your time and little effort and dedication to improving your own unit. You all can do in your hospitals, be it OPD clinics, Nursing homes, or ICUs.

1)Teach and Train your staff:

There are many problems related to the attendance of paramedic staff in these testing times. Also in our busy units many times this aspect is neglected. We have planned a series of lectures and practical demonstrations regularly. Followed by an exam after the end of 3 weeks. marks of which will be considered later for future references regarding their position or salary hike etc. Also if you are planning or already having NABH then policies and all can be taught to them, mock drills can be arranged. For this your dedication and efforts will be needed.

2)Maintain stock:

All items in the hospital are counted and proper stock is maintained. System for which can be made and instituted. This is an important aspect of running a unit. Because there are hundreds of things that need to be labeled, checked whether working properly or not. Registers for the same can be made. Your staff or nurse in charge can do this and report it to you. Having done with that, a register is maintained and every fortnightly can be checked.

3) Infection control practices, deep cleaning:

Corona Precaution

Deep cleaning of ICU and rooms to be done properly. Also cleaning of all instruments, etc to be done. Floors are routinely cleaned but ceilings, walls, fans, etc to be cleaned properly. You can instruct your floor manager to supervise it. Even sending cultures from ICU s should be done and high-risk areas need proper cleaning. Nurses as well as housekeeping staff can do this work.

4)Research /Data Analysis:

Here is work for your receptionist. You can analyze data for the past few months and can draw many conclusion from it. Also you may consider it publishing data if that worth publishing. Research is almost always a neglected aspect of private practice and always considered that to be from teaching institutes only. However enough data is there in many private units that should be shared. It will help the fellow colleagues also.

5) Marketing:


Marketing is of paramount importance these days as competition is increasing day by day. During lockdown you can plan your marketing strategies. You can analyze your data and draw important conclusions. Knowledge and skill, Communication to your patients as well as referrals and Marketing are three important pillars of practice today. You can sharpen your skills on each of them during this time. There are very good books on management, negotiations, communications, marketing, etc. Online courses for marketing also available.


You can make your unit policies on small things, be it housekeeping policies, NABH mandatory policies, etc. If you already have policies already made then this is the right time you make sure they are implemented properly. Exams for the same, mock drills are the few ways by which you can make sure about compliance amongst the staff on those policies.

7) Sharpen your skills:

Last but not least sharpen your skills, learn something new about your subject. Though What’s app and Facebook is flooded with memes on webinars and online teaching, to think of it another way this is a productive way of utilizing time and can help in our day to day practice.” When fishermen cannot go to sea, They repair their nets” saw this motivating message one day on the internet. So make use of this time and improve your productivity.

So, friends, you can make the best out of this time by doing these things. If you are doing something fruitful for your unit other than what I just narrated in this blog, please share it with me and I will be more than happy to consider doing it.



Dr.Khanjan Shah



Dr. Khanjan Shah

Dr. Khanjan Shah

Dr. Khanjan Shah, M.D. in Pediatrics with a Fellowship in Pediatric Critical Care, is the author of this article. He ensures that all information provided from Sneh Children Hospital is backed by thorough research conducted by himself and other specialists, guaranteeing authenticity and reliability.